What’s the Scariest Escape Room?

What’s the Scariest Escape Room?

Immersive games have become hugely popular over the past decade, and escape rooms have taken things to a whole new level. Being able to enjoy an interactive and thrilling social experience with your friends is something that a lot of people love, and this has seen a spike in the popularity of escape rooms in recent times.

An escape room is a live-action immersive game that sees players team up and work together to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and escape from a themed room before a set time limit runs out. There are plenty of different types of escape rooms that are available, and horror ones often represent a popular and pulse pounding choice. In fact, according to Oveit, 13% of escape rooms are horror-themed.

In this blog, we will look to explore some of the scariest escape rooms out there, and try to factor in what makes these rooms such appealing games for horror and spooky enthusiasts.

Escape Rooms are on the Rise

What Makes a Scary Escape Room?

The term scary is largely subjective, but here are a few elements to consider when it comes to thinking about what makes an escape room scary. Escape rooms are no doubt fun, but they can also be an intimidating and overwhelming experience for some people.

A lot of the time it is unclear the setup of an escape room until you get inside and actually get to have a look around. There can be a lot of shocks and surprises in store, and this can be quite a lot to take in for a lot of people. The setting of an escape room plays a big role in how scary it is, and horror escape rooms can come in many forms, whether it’s a kidnapping, monster, dark fantasy, serial killer, or something else entirely, the setting and location matters.

The atmosphere of a room can make it scary, and this contributes to how the puzzles work, and that they generate a source of fear. Whether it’s trying to escape from a pitch black room, or dealing with the elements of surprise, it’s clear that many factors can contribute to making a room scary.

Assembling Your Escape Room Team

Choosing the right team members is one of the best approaches you can take that is going to help you ace your escape room in style. When you select your team, it is crucial to take each member’s strengths and weaknesses into account, and make sure you diversify, and have people capable of excelling in an array of different areas moving forward.

Ideally, your team should comprise people with different skill sets, who can complement one another, and work together to get the best possible results. These could include an individual who excels at finding clues, one who is great at puzzles, and one who is good at organising information, for example. You also need to make sure your team has great communication skills, and it’s important to be able to work well to time constraints, and under pressure as much as possible.

Being smart isn’t essential for an escape room, because people have many different things they can bring to the table. This is why it is important to consider the strengths of your group, and understand the areas in which they are able to excel, and work together as effectively as possible.

Best Strategies for Beating an Escape Room

There are plenty of strategies that you are going to need to use when it comes to improving your escape room chances, and this is important to make sure you get right as much as possible. You have a lot of things that you need to consider when trying to map out the ultimate escape room strategy, and this is something that you need to try to make the most of as much as you can.

Here are some of the core strategies we would recommend for helping to improve your chances of success in an escape room:

Make Sure Everyone Knows Their Role

Making sure everyone is aware of their role is so important when it comes to trying to improve this process, and make the best decisions for your team. This means putting people in the right places, and making sure they are focused on the key elements of the game.

Be Aware of Time

Keeping an eye on the time is very important, and this is one of the key ways of being able to help you beat the escape room. You need to know how much time you’re working with so that you can be sure you have enough time to accomplish tasks and finish the game adequately.

Communication is King

Communication is the essence of success, and this is something that you need to get right when it comes to improving the way your team operates. If you want to successfully best the escape room, you will need to be in constant communication and contact with one another.

Face Your Fears With the Scariest Escape Room

If you’re seeking an escape room that will make you jump out of your skin, and feed your fear factor, these are some of the UK’s scariest escape rooms.

Haunted Hollow – Escape Now, Birmingham

With 3 immersive rooms to choose from, this is one of the best escape rooms in the UK, with thrills and chills aplenty! There are exciting themes on offer here, and Haunted Hollow offers some of the best scares of any escape room out there.

Sleepover – Escapologist, Cleethorps

Taking place in an abandoned house, this terrifying escape room is one of the best and most popular choices in the UK. Combining the haunted house and interactive elements brilliantly, you and your team must solve puzzles to escape before the ghost of a little girl gets you.

Cabin in the Woods – Stuck in the Riddle, Huddersfield

Trapped in a cabin in the woods with a serial killer on the loose, what better way to enjoy an escape room! Solve the puzzles and negotiate the eerie set before the killer catches you!

Scarytale – Deception, Matlock

An escape room called Scarytale wears its influences firmly on its sleeve, and gives traditional fairy tales a sinister spin. Help the Millers defeat the wicked stranger who took their daughter Olivia – but remember, not all fairytales have happy endings!

Seance – Enigma, Wakefield

In the creepy old home where Seance is set, you’ll be tasked with calling forth the ghosts of the dead. However, take caution since the spirits you bring back might not be as amiable as you’d like!

Escape Rooms are on the Rise

Are Scary Escape Rooms Family Friendly?

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when choosing the perfect escape room, and one of the biggest is whether or not scary escape rooms are family friendly. This depends on a number of factors, including the age of the family members, and the type of room you’re choosing to play – many of the scary rooms come with an age restriction of 14+.

Children, particularly those who scare easily, would not be ideally suited to scary escape rooms. One of the best steps to take would be to make sure you research a room and read reviews beforehand; that way you will be able to make an informed decision about whether the room is right for your family members.

In Closing

There is no doubt that escape rooms are a thrilling and fulfilling experience, and choosing the scariest escape rooms can be a spin-tingling adventure. Understanding what makes an escape room scary is a great way of being able to choose the perfect one for you. 

Perfect for a family or a group of friends, a scary escape room is the perfect choice for a bone-chilling experience that will live long in the memory! If you’re looking for a fun, exhilarating, intellectually stimulating, and downright scary game… an escape room could be just the ticket!

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