What Should I Look for First in an Escape Room?

What Should I Look for First in an Escape Room?

You’ve decided you want to do an escape room but you want to increase your chances of beating the room. So, what should you look for first in an escape room? In this post, we’ll give you our top tips on how to solve the puzzles and riddles so you and your team can leave triumphant.

Top strategies for winning an escape room

Here are our top strategies for winning an escape room. Follow these top tips to increase your chances of success!

Choose the best team

The main thing to consider when you’ve decided you want to do an escape room isn’t which one you’re going to do but who you’re going to do it with. Of course, you want to choose people who you know you’ll have fun with but you’ll need to consider everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and put together a team that compliments one another. Who will make good team players? Who do you want on your team?

Follow the rules

Reduce the risk of errors by familiarising yourself with the rules, so that you can form a strategy and beat the escape room in the time taken. When you get to the escape room and register, you will be told what you are and what you aren’t allowed to do, but getting to grips with this beforehand will give you the upper hand.

Understand the room you have chosen

Every escape room has a theme, so make sure you familiarise yourself with the theme and think about what sort of props and items might be in the room before you enter. What sort of clues might you expect to see? What challenges are typical of that theme?

Usually, there is a story behind the escape room too. Familiarise yourself with the story online before you go and you might be shown a video when you get to your escape room too.

Take your time

Once you get into the escape room, you will be under a strict time limit, usually one hour, but this can cause people to panic and rush which means you will miss important details. Set yourself smaller time limits for each task you have and try to achieve each puzzle or riddle within that time frame

Look at everything

So, what’s the first thing you should look at in an escape room? The answer is everything! Anything in the room can be a clue, from the picture frames on the wall to the books on a shelf. The best thing to do is to split up, each of the team members takes an area of focus on and takes a few minutes to carefully look at every detail of the room.

Frequently asked questions about escape rooms

Escape Now

If you’ve never done an escape room before, you probably have a lot of questions. Here we have put together the answers to the most frequently asked questions about escape rooms.

Sitting down in an escape room

Many people wonder if you can sit down in an escape room or if the task is physically strenuous. Some escape rooms do have places for you to sit or other props to sit on. If you have mobility issues, are pregnant or just want to know if you can have a place to sit down, call ahead and ask if the escape room you have chosen is suitable for you.

Number of people

How many people is the best number for an escape room? Can 2 people beat an escape room? Most escape rooms recommend 2-6 people. You don’t want to do an escape room alone and more than 6 people will be too many.

It isn’t just about the number of people but more about who you choose for your team. If you have 6 people who don’t work well together, you won’t be as successful as if you have 2 people who work well together and can strategise.

What is the success rate?

You’re probably wondering how likely you are to succeed or what percentage of people beat the room. It might shock you to learn that only around 15-30% of people go into an escape room and beat it in the time given. But, if you follow the steps mentioned in this article, you are giving yourself a better chance of being in the golden 15-30%. It also depends on the difficulty of the escape room that you choose.

Why should I do an escape room?

Why are escape rooms so popular? Over the last few years escape rooms have become very popular. Even during COVID-19, players participated in escape rooms online. Now that things are back to normal and we can leave the house, going to an escape room has become something that friends and families love to do together.

They’re fun, challenging and a great place to bond. Corporations use escape rooms are business days out for their employees or they are great places for birthday parties and other celebrations. People love the different themes and that you can keep going back to experience different rooms with varying difficulty ratings.

What age is best for an escape room?

Are escape rooms suitable for children? Can grandma and grandad take part? What is the average age for an escape room? Most escape rooms are suitable for adults of all ages. It’s always best to check if the escape room you’ve chosen is suitable for children as some themes can be quite frightening for children or too difficult.

Choosing an escape room

Choosing an escape room

Now for the best part, choosing an escape room. Knowing how to choose the right room for you is one of the most important decisions, particularly for your first time. Choose a theme that you enjoy and look carefully at the difficulty rating. It’s probably best to start with an easy or medium difficulty rating to begin with and if you’re successful, go harder for the next one. If you want a challenge and like to dive straight in, choose a room with a hard difficulty rating.

Choosing a room at Escacpe Now

At Escape Now we are the perfect outing for families and friends, tourists, gamers and corporate events. Experience a real-life adventure with your family and friends for a birthday, celebration or just for fun. If you’re in the area and touring the bustling city of Birmingham, taking a visit to Escape Now can break up your trip and give you an unforgettable experience.

If you’re an avid gamer, level up your coordination, speed and creativity as we bring your fantasy games into reality. You get to play the part of the protagonist! Taking your work team to an escape room is a great way to work on team-building skills, communication and critical thinking.

Here are the rooms we have available at Escape Now that you can choose from. Note that we change our rooms every so often so keep checking back on our website for updates.

Sherlock’s Secret

In a city that breathes uncertainty, a gloom lures over 221B Baker St as Sherlock Holmes has been abducted by the very killer he was chasing. What could possibly have happened? To find Mr Holmes we are recruiting only the best detectives in the city to solve the mystery and find My Holmes before it’s too late. The odds are against you and time is running out, can you find Mr Holmes in time?

Haunted Hollow

Ten years ago, Mr Hollowhill vanished without a trace, leaving only his ramshackle house behind. Though his disappearance was suspicious, the case eventually went cold. Can you solve the mystery of Haunted Hollow after being locked inside?

The Getaway

The notorious car theft ring called Matrix Clan is currently embroiled in a brutal mafia war which has led to you and your car enthusiast friends recklessly being taken hostage into the chop shop of the matric clan in an unknown location.

So, what should you look for first in an escape room? Everything! Work well as a team, split up and take an area of the room each and remember that even the most unsuspecting objects could be clues. Good luck!

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