What Is the Concept of Escape Room?

What Is the Concept of Escape Room?

If you are looking for a spell-binding night of mystery and excitement, then you need to visit an escape room.

All over the world, escape rooms are witnessing rapid growth in popularity. They are enjoyed by visitors of all ages and abilities, due to the intriguing mysteries, unique storylines and whimsical characters.

In this article, we will explore the question: what is the concept of escape room?

What is the concept of escape room?

So, what is the concept of escape room?

An escape room is an indoor leisure activity which requires at least two players (but most commonly played in small groups). The concept is, the players must work together to solve challenges, clues and riddles, in order to escape from the room, within an allocated time slot (usually 60 minutes).

Escape rooms are notoriously difficult to solve: the average failure rate for escape rooms is about 70%, which means only 30% of teams will successfully escape from the room.

Escape rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are as short as 30 minutes, whereas the largest escape room in the world is an underground bunker in Ottawa, Canada, where players have to race against the clock to prevent a (fake) nuclear bomb from exploding!

Typically, escape rooms are centered on a theme or storyline, so there are props, decorations and  graphics to match. For instance, a horror-themed escape room might be based on a haunted house, so there may be ghosts, ghouls, zombies, or jump scares!

Not all escape rooms are designed to give you a fright, however.

You can find escape rooms which are based on themes such as:

  • murder mysteries
  • spy missions
  • historical eras
  • bank robberies
  • robots
  • prison
  • science
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • treasure hunts
  • animals

Once the game is over, a staff member will unlock the door and enter the room. They may walk you through the clues you missed, before escorting you outside, which marks the end of your escape room experience.

If you do successfully escape from the room, then you will usually get a photo opportunity at the venue afterwards, where you can hold signs to show off that you managed to secure a victory!

Can you ask for help during an escape room?

For the entirety of your escape room game, you will be watched on CCTV by the staff at the escape room. You may be able to ask for hints from the staff, and someone will arrive to point you in the right direction.

However, the staff members aren’t going to reveal the answers to the challenges. If you can’t escape the room in your time slot, you will lose the game.        

Is the door locked in escape rooms?

No, the door is never physically locked at escape rooms, in the interests of health and safety.

You will always be able to exit the room if you need to, if you don’t want to play any more, or if you need to leave in an emergency.

You are allowed to take a toilet break during your game. Simply inform the game master that you wish to use the toilet, and they will let you out of the room.

However, do so at your own risk, because you may not be allowed back into the game room. You will have to wait for your team members to carry on with the game, without you.

What happens if you run out of time in an escape room?

You and your team will have to solve your way out of the escape room under time pressure. The time slot is usually 60 minutes, and you will have a clock or timer which counts down the minutes you have left.

If you do not solve all the challenges during the time slot, then you lose the game!

Once the game is over, a staff member will enter the room and escort you out, but they may point out a few clues you missed.

Can I do an escape room if I have claustrophobia?

The majority of escape rooms are small, dark places, which require players to bend down and crawl around to look for clues. There may also be jump scares, UV light and flashing lights.

Hence, escape rooms may be a difficult environment for people with:

  • claustrophobia
  • physical disabilities
  • heart conditions
  • epilepsy
  • anxiety

It is best to consult a doctor before reserving your place at an escape room. You should always keep your health a priority and find out as much information about the escape room as you can, before you make your booking.

If you have any concerns, call ahead and explain this to the escape room staff. They will inform you as to whether they can accommodate your needs. If you are nervous about jump scares, then the staff may be able to point you towards a suitable alternative.

Where can I find an escape room in Birmingham?

Here at Escape Now, we offer innovative, immersive game rooms, which are designed to challenge you creatively and intellectually.

Book your visit at Escape Now to try one of our rooms:

Sherlock´s Secret (Challenge Level: Difficult)

In a city that breathes uncertainty, a gloom lures over 221B Baker St, as Sherlock Holmes has been abducted by the very killer he was chasing. What could have gone wrong?

To find Mr Holmes, we are recruiting only the best detectives in the city to solve the mystery and find Mr Holmes, before it is too late. The odds are against you, so can you find Mr Holmes in time?

A serial murderer is on the loose, and Holmes and Watson have been on the case. In typical fashion, however, Holmes was struck with a breakthrough deduction and ran off. Thinking Holmes had simply solved the case and gone back home, Watson followed shortly behind.

But when he arrived at 221B, there was no trace of Holmes – only a note left on the desk, written in the same strange code the killer has been leaving at the scenes of the crimes.

Unable to figure out the case himself, Watson recruits a top team of forensic investigators to assemble at 221B Baker St, to solve the case before time runs out and save Sherlock from the sadistic killer.

Why you should visit Escape Now

Haunted Hollow (Challenge Level: Medium)

Ten years ago, Mr Hollowhill vanished without a trace, leaving only his ramshackle house behind.

Though his disappearance was suspicious, nobody spared a thought for the case ever again.

Recently, the house was seized by the bank, auctioned and bought at a steal by investors only wishing to sell it off.

Knowing nothing of the house’s troubled history, the renovators believe this to be a simple job, but they don’t know what they are in for…

This house holds many more secrets than first thought, and some of them are deadly…

Just who was Mr Hollowhill? Where did he go? Do you dare to enter his mysterious house?

What Should I Bring to the Escape Room

Cyberwarfare (Challenge Level: Medium)

The cyborg world has taken over from humans! Created by humans, the cyborg has
gained self-awareness and infected millions of computer servers all over the world!

You have joined the rebel army to take down the cyborgs. Your task is to infiltrate the cyborg’s main facility and disable the system from within. The rebels have discovered an algorithm which can take down the security system for only 60 minutes.

This is your opportunity to outsmart the cyborgs, otherwise, the human race will cease to exist!

At Escape Now, it costs just £17.00 per person for 60 minutes to try and solve your way out of the game room. We also offer a 15% student discount! f

Gather a group of your nearest and dearest, and book your game at Escape Now– we can’t wait to see you!

What Should I Bring to the Escape Room

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