What if You Need the Toilet in an Escape Room

What if You Need the Toilet in an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are named as such because the aim of the game is to complete the puzzles to find the key or code that will help you escape the room in your allotted time. If you want to leave, for whatever reason, you can leave. We understand there are several misconceptions about escape rooms and points people want to clarify before they go so they can be fully prepared for their escape room experience. Let’s clear up a few common questions now.

What Happens if You Need the Toilet in an Escape Room?

Escape room centres will have a few different escape rooms in one building, as well as a reception, lockers and toilets. So, while there won’t be a toilet for you to use once you’re in the escape room itself, you can go to the toilet before you enter, and you can leave to go to the toilet at any point you need to.

In the escape room, you’ll be able to contact your games master via phone or walkie-talkie, and they’ll be able to see and hear you while you’re in the room. So if you would like to leave for the toilet, simply ask your games master to open the door and let you out. It’s as easy as that!

Can You Leave Escape Rooms if You Need to?


There are several reasons why someone might need to leave an escape room, including:

  • To use the toilet
  • They’re having a panic attack
  • They’re feeling claustrophobic
  • They’re having a medical emergency

If you need to leave an escape room or your games master can see that you’re not well and should leave the escape room, they will open the door so you can get any necessary medical attention, use the toilet, or simply take in some fresh air and calm down. For the sake of your enjoyment of the game, we prefer not to let people out unless needed, but you can leave of your own free will at any moment you feel necessary.

People with medical conditions that may affect their ability to take part, or may cause them to need to leave the escape room regularly for the toilet or perhaps are prone to panic attacks, should inform the escape room staff before they go in the escape room, so that the appropriate safety measures can be put in place. Escape rooms are so popular because the challenge of escaping is fun, but ultimately, your safety is the highest priority.

Do Escape Rooms Lock You in?

Your games master will shut the door behind and it may appear as though it’s locked, however, for your safety, you will not be locked inside an escape room. Some escape rooms will lock the door, however, in this case, there will always be a clear emergency button for you to press and open the door if you need to leave. 

In most cases though, the escape room door will not be locked behind you, but just closed to give the appearance that you’re locked inside and need to solve your way out of the room.

Escape Room Rules

Although escape rooms may not be as strict as you were expecting given that you’re not locked in and can leave at any moment you need to, there are still some rules and regulations to keep you safe and maximise your enjoyment of the escape room experience.

Your Belongings

Before you enter the escape room, you will be asked to leave your belongings in a locker outside the room. This includes all bags, coats, phones, as well as food and drink. If there is anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving in a secure locker out of your eyesight, you should leave it at home.

Mobile phones can give you access to many different things, so whether you would use them to cheat, chat or simply scroll if you’re not used to being away from social media, having your phone on you would ruin your experience of escape rooms, so we ask you to leave them in your bag and store them in a locker.

You can bring a bottle of water into the room with you, as you’ll be in the escape room for an hour. But sugary drinks or food will make the room smell for the players who take part after you, or leave sticky residue or crumbs when spilled, so they’re not permitted inside the rooms. If you need to snack while inside for example to control blood sugar levels or low blood pressure, you should inform the escape room staff beforehand so they can accommodate your needs.

Team Numbers

The number of people allowed in an escape room at once is limited due to space, as well as enjoyment. At Escape Now, we allow groups of 2 to 6 people in an escape room, as more than 6 people may make the puzzles too easy, or cause some people to get left out of the group if there’s not enough space for everyone to move around. We also don’t allow people to compete alone, as it would be very difficult for one person to find all of the clues and solve the room in just an hour. 

A group of 4 to 5 people is ideal to compete as you can work well as a team and ensure everyone has a role to play. 

There is no recommended age to take part either, as the type of puzzles can be fun and beneficial for mental skills for people of all ages. However, as the puzzles can be challenging for very young children, we don’t recommend escape rooms for children under 5, and children under 16 should be accompanied by an adult when in the room.

What’s more, while escape rooms aren’t scary in theory, as each escape room has its own storyline, some will have a horror theme with creepy decor and dim lighting. So if you’re of a nervous disposition or thinking of bringing your children with you, opt for more of a mystery escape room than a scary one.

At Escape Now, we have three rooms of varying difficulty:

  • Sherlock’s Secret – Difficult
  • Haunted Hollow – Medium
  • The Getaway – Medium

Escape Room Tips


When you enter an escape room, you’ll need your thinking cap on to spot the clues and solve the puzzles in your allotted time, but there are some tips to help you on your way to success. If you’re determined to win, one thing you can consider is who you bring with you, in terms of what skills are they bringing to your team.

Escape rooms are popular for dates, birthday parties, work events, stag dos and many more group activities, so you won’t always have the chance to choose your teammates. But if you’re booking the room and your goal is to win, your best strategy is to bring your friends with the best critical thinking skills, and those who work best as a team. Escape rooms rely on teamwork, so there’s no point in everyone working individually and silently. Talk to each other and encourage one another, your teammate may have just found a clue that’s needed to solve the puzzle you’re working on.

The other best tip to beat an escape room is to stay calm. Escape rooms aren’t scary like haunted houses, so there’s nothing to be frightened of when you’re inside. Plus, rushing around and panicking will not allow you to access your best problem-solving skills, and may cause you to overlook many important clues. So keep calm, take a good look at everything in the room and take your time as you assess each of the objects inside. 

Think You’ve Got What It Takes to Escape?

Not everyone can beat an escape room. They’re full of tricky puzzles and hidden clues that you’ll need your brain in gear for if you want to solve them and complete the escape room. Think you’ve got what it takes? Book your escape room experience at Escape Now!

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