What Do You Do at an Escape Room?

What Do You Do at an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are quickly becoming popular for groups of friends and family or for company team-building days.

An escape room is an immersive and captivating game where the participants are ‘locked’ inside a themed room. Players must solve the puzzles and riddles to escape the room and find the clues before the timer runs out.

You will have a great time with your team and learn more about each other and yourselves as you utilise your skills and work under pressure. Escape rooms have cognitive benefits too.

If you’re considering booking an escape room experience, here is your guide on what to expect.

What to Expect

If you’re the type who likes to be fully prepared before an event, we’ve got you covered. Here we have provided a guide on what to expect for your first escape room so you can be fully equipped and ready to go!

Select a Theme

First, make your reservation by choosing which themed escape room you would like to have a go at first. Each room is created differently, so there is something to appeal to everyone.

Popular themes include zombies, prison breaks, haunted houses, and bank heists.

Escape Now has three thrilling and unique escape rooms, Sherlock’s Secret, Haunted Hollow and Cyberwarfare. Keep checking our website for updates on new escape room themes.

Meet Your Game Guide

When you arrive, you will be introduced to your game guide, who will take you to your escape room and explain the rules. They can answer any questions you have, except how to solve the game!

Enter the Game and Watch a Mission Video

Once you and your team are ready, your game guide will get you started on the storyline of your chosen escape room. You will likely be invited to watch a mission video or be told a tale which will give you the backstory of the room and the aim of the game.

This is where the immersion comes into play, and you will feel like you’re part of the story. Some missions might be about escaping the room, whilst others are more about solving a crime or a mystery.

When the video or story ends, you will enter the escape room, and the timer will begin.

Escape the Room

After entering the escape room, participants usually have 60 minutes to complete the mission. If the mission is achieved by that time, you have succeeded in your mission. Around 30% of participants succeed in beating the escape room.

Escape rooms are designed to be challenging, target a range of skill sets, and be engaging. It is possible to win and beat the escape room in the allocated time but knowing that now everyone does makes the game even more compelling. 

Get a Clue

Most escape rooms offer a lifeline where you can ask for a tip or a clue if you’re stuck. Nothing is worse than being stuck on a puzzle or a challenge for too long, which becomes frustrating.

The game is supposed to be enjoyable and thrilling, so asking for a clue is a helpful way to get your team moving from a tricky part of the time. They ensure you have a fantastic time in the escape room.

Escape Room Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Room Locked?

In some cases, the room is locked for dramatisation but not always. There are surveillance cameras in every room, so you are well protected. If you want to leave the room for any reason, you can always do so.

What If We Don’t Escape or Solve the Mystery In time?

Nothing! Don’t worry if you don’t solve the mystery before the time runs out. You can always come back and try another time again. Most importantly, you and your team had a great time.

Do I Have to Be a Master Puzzle Solver to Take Part?

No, of course not, if it helps, but people of all abilities can join it. The point of working in a team is to utilise everyone’s skills, so if you’re struggling with an aspect of the game, someone else in your group can likely help. Everyone will have a challenge in the room, so you will get time to shine.

Escape rooms are designed to be challenging but solvable; our games have a difficulty rating. If you’re new to this, try a medium difficulty-rated room first.

Do I Need to Prepare Anything Beforehand?

NO, make sure you come dressed appropriately and wear something comfortable for your escape room experience. Just ensure you go to the bathroom and are fed and watered before entering the room.

Trying to concentrate when all you can think about is needing the toilet or getting a snack isn’t ideal.

You won’t be able to take food or drink inside the room with you, and stopping for a bathroom break will only hinder your chances of success and pause the fun!

Are Escape Rooms Scary?

This depends on the theme of the room you have chosen. Some escape rooms are designed to be scary, but what one person finds scary, another can be humorous.

Escape rooms are not designed to be intensely scary, terrifying or disturbing because they are designed for a wide range of people and ages. The rooms aren’t created to overwhelm people; they are intended to be fun and exciting!

Look at the different themed rooms and decide which one you will be most comfortable with. If you’re worried about anything, like if escape rooms can cause claustrophobia, you can always contact us, and we can answer any questions about the features of one of our escape rooms.

It’s important to remember that you are never truly locked inside, and you will be well looked after whilst playing the game.

Can Anyone Go to An Escape Room?

Of course! You don’t need to be a master detective to join in with an escape room. Even people who profess not to enjoy puzzles and games will be fully immersed in the experience.

It is perfect for every group occasion, from birthdays to hen and stag parties, team-building activities or something a bit different to enjoy.

Escape rooms attract people of all ages but are most popular with participants over 21. Some escape rooms cater specifically for children and have more child-friendly themes such as pirates, magic or fairy tales.

Escape Room Tips

If you want to increase your chances of solving the mystery before the timer runs out, here are our top tips so you and your team can get the most out of the experience.

Look At, In and Under Everything

Escape rooms are staged perfectly to give the game the right challenge. Not everything will be in plain sight, so it’s a good idea to work as a team to look at everything, inside it, under and above everything.

Make sure you put safety first and don’t climb on any furniture or do something that could cause harm. If something is out of reach and the game intends you to get it, there will be a tool to help you.

Examine everything with a critical eye. Time runs out quickly, so take in as much information about the objects in the room as fast as you can. Remember to look underneath rugs, rummage through bookshelves and closely examine the walls too.

Is an Escape Room a Good Date Night?

Search For Patterns

You won’t solve every puzzle straight away. The escape room is designed to test your skills.

Look around the room for any similarities or differences. Does something stand out? Does something look odd, like it doesn’t belong?

Utilise Everyone’s Skills

Make sure everyone involved has a fair chance at solving the clues. Sometimes it is difficult to let someone else take the reins, particularly when everyone is under pressure, but people have different skills.

To increase the likelihood of beating the game before the timer runs out, utilise those skills. In preparation for the game, sit down as a team, consider who might be good at doing what jobs, and have clearly defined roles for better teamwork.

Who is the best at solving riddles? Who can crack a code? Who is good at finding things?

Sometimes it’s the quiet ones that surprise us the most! People who sit back and observe are just as important in a team as the ones who take charge.

Stay Positive, and Don’t Panic!

When things get challenging, stay positive and try not to panic, even when the timer is running low.

Step away for a moment and let someone else have a turn, or return to it later with fresh eyes. The escape room will test your patience, perseverance, and resilience. It will reveal how you and your team cope under pressure.

About Escape Now

At Escape Now, we want you to enter our escape rooms as unsuspecting players but leave as heroes! Our rooms are designed for maximum immersion with extensive detail.

We guarantee a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Give it a go and book today! We know you will be satisfied.

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