What Are the Best Escape Rooms in the UK?

What Are the Best Escape Rooms in the UK?

Escape rooms are an exciting way to spend time with friends and family. During an escape room, you and your recruits must follow the rules whilst ‘locked’ inside a room to solve clues and puzzles within a given timeframe. Each room has a theme, and you will be immersed in the story as though you’re living in a real-life mystery.

You don’t need to be as smart as Einstein to participate in an escape room. Players must work together and draw on each other’s strengths to crack the codes and win the game. Escape rooms are perfect for friends, families, or corporate team-building events.

It’s no wonder that Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s got you thinking, “why do people go to escape rooms?” and “what are the best escape rooms in the UK?”. Here is a list of the top 5 best escape rooms, including an explanation of why we have chosen each one.

The 5 best escape rooms in the UK

These escape rooms have made it to the top 5 list because of their originality and thrill factor. They offer a diverse range of themes to choose from, and some even provide at-home or outdoor escape experiences. Not only are you guaranteed to have an epic time at these escape rooms, but did you know that escape rooms are good for your brain too?

1.   Escape Now

Kicking things off is Escape Now in Birmingham. This escape room currently has 3 immersive rooms, Sherlock’s Secret, Haunted Hollow and Cyberwarfare. Escape Now has done a masterful job of creating exciting themes that allow participants to get completely lost in the story.

Sherlock’s Secret

A serial murderer is on the loose, and Holmes and Watson have been on the case. In typical fashion, however, Holmes was struck with a breakthrough dedication and ran off. Thinking Holmes had simply solved the case and gone back home, Watson followed shortly behind. But, when he arrived at 221B, there was no trace of Holmes- only a note on the desk, written in the same strange code the killer had been leaving at the scene of the crimes.

Unable to solve the case himself, Watson recruits a top team of forensic investigators at 221B Baker St, and that’s you! Solve the case before the time runs out and save Sherlock Holmes from the sadistic killer.

Haunted Hollow

Ten years ago, Mr Hollowhill vanished without a trace, leaving only his ramshackle house behind. Recently, however, the house was seized by the bank, auctioned and bought at a steal by investors only wishing to sell it. Knowing nothing of the house’s troubled history, the renovators believe this to be a simple job, but they don’t know what they’re in for. The house holds many more secrets than first thought, and some of them are deadly.

Just who was Mr Hollowhill? Where did he go? Dare to enter!


The cyborg world has taken over humans! Created by humans, cyborgs have gained self-awareness and spread into millions of computer servers worldwide! The task is to infiltrate the cyborg’s main facility and destroy the system from within.

The rebels have found an algorithm which can take down the security system for 1 hour. This is your opportunity, cyborgs; otherwise, the human race will cease to exist!

In case you’re wondering if you can google your way out of an escape room like Haunted Hollow or Sherlock Secret so you can escape in record time, well, you can’t, usually phones aren’t allowed to be taken into an escape room; you wouldn’t want to spoil the fun!

The 5 best escape rooms in the UK

2.   Shrewsbury Prison

This prison break event takes place in the expansive four-acre grounds of Shrewsbury prison. It is packed full of challenges, puzzles, hidden clues, helpful prisoners and hindering officers. How will you overcome these challenges to achieve freedom and escape?

As you’re conducted into prison life, you will confess your crimes and be processed into the prison- ‘you no longer have a name, just a number.’ You will receive a standard-issue orange jumpsuit from here and be escorted to the main wing before being placed into your prison cell. Now the game begins! You have to escape your cell and figure out how to get off the landing in a bid to prove your innocence.

3.   clueQuest

clueQuest provides escape room missions and play-at-home versions. This escape room in London challenges you to unlock your secret agent potential, join Mr Q’s spy agency, and fight against the evil Professor Blacksheep. To become part of the story, sign up for one of the missions, like the one below.

Agents, beware! You and your team will be sent behind enemy lines with the mission to infiltrate the Professor’s command centre, hack into his system and obtain the missile codes to destroy the satellite once and for all. Launching the missile into the satellite will trigger the command centre’s self-destruct sequence. In this escape room, you only have 60 minutes to destroy the satellite until it goes online and then evacuate the command centre before it self-destructs. You and your team will be sent behind enemy lines with the mission to infiltrate the Professor’s command centre, hack into his system and obtain the missile codes to destroy the satellite once and for all.

For the play-at-home versions, clueQuest provides unique puzzles with a great balance of difficulty, which often brings an aha moment. The story gets told through entertaining videos and puzzles. With print +cut + escape, you can enjoy a great escape experience from your living room.

4.   Escape Hunt

An escape room in various cities across the UK, including Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool, Escape Hunt offer escape room experiences, city hunts and play-at-home games. Packed with excitement, you and your teammates will leap into new worlds to complete groundbreaking missions. Work as a team to solve clues, puzzles and challenges before time runs out.

But imagine an escape room with no walls or doors where you can work through challenges out in the city. Once you arrive for your city hunt adventure, you will be given an iPad and a picnic hamper filled with everything you should need to complete your adventure.

5.   Tulley’s Escape Room and Games

Tulley’s offers escape room adventures and games that take you on a journey of discovery as you puzzle your way through the gameplay and unlock the secrets within. They offer many escape room themes and stories, so there is something for everyone.

The most straightforward escape adventure is Mutiny, or the pirate-themed room, ideal for beginners or families. The most challenging room is the Nethercott Manor (a haunted manor), which is fast past and difficult to solve.

Two other escape rooms are great options for teams that have never played before, providing a gentle introduction. These are called Uncle Tik-Tok’s Circus and Kraken Casino. Other examples of escape adventures include Dodge City, The Outfitters, SpellCraft.

The 5 best escape rooms in the UK

Rounding it up

Excited? You should be. Escape rooms are growing in popularity, and now you can see why!

The UK boasts some highly recommended and reviewed escape rooms, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a newbie to escape rooms or an experienced mystery solver, give it a go, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Want to know more about what you do at an escape room? Book one today and find out for yourself.

About Escape Now

At Escape Now, we are proud to be amongst the country’s top escape rooms and pride ourselves in giving you and your team an experience to remember. With us, you will enter as unsuspecting players and leave as heroes, no matter the outcome.

At Escape Now, we guarantee a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. Come along and see it. Think you’ve got what it takes? Book today or contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to your next epic escape. 

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