Is 10 Too Many for an Escape Room?

Is 10 Too Many for an Escape Room?

The first ever escape room, in a form that we recognise them, was opened in Kyoto, Japan in 2007 by a publishing company called SCRAP. Teams comprising of 5-6 players would be isolated in a room where they were required to solve riddles and puzzles by searching for clues all under a time limit in order to escape.

Since then, escape rooms have become increasingly popular globally and there are now more than 50,000 spread over 60 countries across the world with 1500 in the UK alone.

Escape rooms have developed from a long history of games. Their creation was inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, treasure hunts, haunted houses, point-and-click adventure games and even Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP). They use elements of these games to create amazing escape rooms that require knowledge and skill to break free.

From here they developed into what we know them as now.

Escape rooms are so much fun for so many reasons. No matter who you are you are likely to find something that you enjoy in an escape room

Are you good at looking for clues?

Maybe you’re good with riddles or puzzles.

Or are you particularly observant and able to spot that which others will not?

Whatever your skills and talents there is fun to be found in escape rooms.

What should you expect?

If you are looking into your first time visiting an escape room you may want to know what you should expect when you get there.

You will be needing all of your brain power once you enter the room so we have broken down the step so it is easy to see what will happen and we can take any worries away.

  1. Make sure you arrive on time
  2. Enter the game
  3. Get trapped inside
  4. Solve the puzzles and riddles to escape…
  5. Or be doomed!

You should be aware that we do NOT allow mobile phones in our escape rooms. You should be provided with a locker or other safe place to keep your belongings whilst you are inside. If the escape room does not offer this you may be able to keep your phone on you provided it is switched off.

Your phone probably would not help you that much anyway as escape rooms are all unique and the answers will likely not appear in a sneaky Google search.

You should be mindful though if you do have any health conditions that could be affected. Some of the escape rooms at Escape Now include tiny, dark paces and UV light. Unfortunately for these reasons, we do recommend that people with epilepsy, claustrophobia, physical disabilities and heart conditions NOT play our games.

If you think they might be too scary for you have a little look at our article ‘Are Escape Rooms Scary?’ to help put your mind at ease.

If you are unsure you should consult your doctor.

Do escape rooms let you win?

So, when it comes to actually escaping an escape room how many people are successful? Well, most Escape Rooms have a success rate of about 30% meaning most people do not finish them.

This sound frustrating but it is all the more satisfying if you do become one of the 30% to solve it. Most escape rooms try to keep their escape rate as low as possible so as to keep them as interesting and exciting as possible.

You don’t want to go in knowing that you will win it’s nowhere near as fun. It would be no good if you easily solved a 60-minute escape room in half an hour.

If you are not fortunate to escape don’t worry you won’t actually be left trapped inside the escape room indefinitely. Instead, a member of staff will come in a show you what you missed and explain to you how you could have escaped.

How Do I Find the Best Escape Room?

To find the best escape room what you really need to do is consider what is best for you and your team.

A professor of game design at a Canadian university found that the most popular demographic for escape rooms are people over 21 years old.

Interestingly, the research also revealed that escape rooms draw in both male and female players relatively equally, unlike some other forms of gaming.

This means that most escape rooms will be geared towards this demographic of around 21 years old and above.

For example, if you were looking for an escape room for children then you will probably want to make sure that the escape room that you are looking into visiting is appropriate for children.

If you have a big group you will also want to double-check that you will all be allowed in. For example at Escape Now our escape rooms are made for 2-6 people at a time unless we are holding a corporate event.

For some escape rooms, 10 will be too many people but for others, it could be just perfect.

Remember that the best escape room is the one that is best suited to you and your skill set.

Escape Now rooms

Here at Escape now we have innovative, immersive game rooms. We are a popular escape room here in Birmingham and strive to challenge you creatively and intellectually.

Book your visit at Escape Now to try one of our rooms;

1.   Sherlock´s Secret

Challenge Level: Difficult

In a city that breathes uncertainty, a gloom lures over 221B Baker St, as Sherlock Holmes has been abducted by the very killer he was chasing. What possibly could have happened?

To find Mr Holmes, we are recruiting only the best detectives in the city to solve the mystery and find Mr Holmes before it is too late. The odds are against you, so can you find Mr Holmes in time?

A serial murderer is on the loose, and Holmes and Watson have been on the case. In typical fashion, however, Holmes was struck with a breakthrough deduction and ran off. Thinking Holmes had simply solved the case and gone back home, Watson followed shortly behind. But when he arrived at 221B, there was no trace of Holmes – only a note left on the desk, written in the same strange code the killer has been leaving at the scenes of the crimes.

Unable to figure out the case himself, Watson recruits a top team of forensic investigators to assemble at 221B Baker St, to solve the case before time runs out and save Sherlock from the sadistic killer.

Why you should visit Escape Now

2.   Haunted Hollow

Challenge Level: Medium

Ten years ago, Mr Hollowhill vanished without a trace, leaving only his ramshackle house behind. Though his disappearance was suspicious, the case eventually went cold.

Recently, the house was seized by the bank, auctioned and bought at a steal by investors only wishing to sell it off.

Knowing nothing of the house’s troubled history, the renovators believe this to be a simple job, but they don’t know what they are in for. This house holds many more secrets than first thought, and some of them are deadly. Just who was Mr Hollowhill? Where did he go?

Do you dare to enter?

Why you should visit Escape Now

3.   Cyberwarfare

Challenge level: Medium

The cyborg world has taken over from humans! Created by humans, the cyborg has gained self-awareness and spread into millions of computer servers across the world!

You have joined the rebel army to take down the cyborgs. The task is to infiltrate the cyborg’s main facility and destroy the system from within. The rebels have found an algorithm which can take down the security system for only 1 hour.

This is your opportunity to take down the cyborgs, otherwise, the human race will cease to exist.

Why you should visit Escape Now

Why should you visit Escape Now?

We offer students 15% off every single Thursday, all you need is your student ID. This offer applies to all of our escape rooms so you are not limited.

We also offer gift cards for your escape room obsessed friends which are thoughtful gifts to show them that you know their interests. With a gift card, you may also be invited to play in one of our rooms with a team.

Are you ready to book your next escape room adventure at Escape Now?

All you need to do is select the number of players, time, date and which adventure you want to go on.

Click here to book with us!

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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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