How to Master Escape Rooms?

So you’ve decided to take yourself and your team of friends and family on an exhilarating trip to an escape room. We approve! You’re going to have a fantastic time. However, like most people, we’re sure you want to win and we want you to win too. 

Escape rooms are designed to be challenging so you need to be prepared if you’re going to ace the room. In this post, we discuss some of our tricks for beating an escape room. 

What is an escape room? 

An escape room is a game where you and your team solve puzzles and riddles to escape the room in the given time frame (usually an hour). Each escape room has a different theme and story behind it and each has a different difficulty rating. 

At Escape Now we currently have 3 rooms available to choose from including Sherlock’s Secret, Haunted Hollow and The Getaway. To play:

  1. Gather your allies
  2. Choose a room
  3. Arrive promptly
  4. Get trapped inside the room
  5. Solve riddles and puzzles
  6. Escape or be doomed! 

Escape rooms are so popular because they’re great fun, exhilarating, challenging and a fantastic bonding experience for friends and family. Because there are many escape rooms with different themes and stories, you and your team can work through them. Once you’ve beaten one room, move on to the next! 

What are the rules of escape rooms? 


Typically, you will be given around 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the room. Times may vary depending on the game and intended players. Each room has a different theme with a range of difficulty levels. 

You and your party will need to decide which room you would like to play in, it is always best to check online first and browse the game options to find one suitable for the players in your group. 

When you enter the escape room, you will need to follow certain rules to make the game fair, competitive, challenging and most of all, fun and safe! 

Here are the main rules of an escape room: 

  • No phones are allowed to be used inside the escape room. 
  • The contents of the escape room should be kept a secret, don’t spoil the fun for others. 
  • Be careful when handling props, whilst they might look realistic some things may be fragile. 
  • Always put your safety first and don’t stand on top of furniture. The games are planned with safety in mind so if something seems out of reach, there will be a tool to help you get it. 
  • Electrical components such as switches and plug sockets etc aren’t part of the game and should be left alone. 
  • Do not pry open any locked boxes. Work together to open the box in the intended way, either by finding a key a code or solving a puzzle. 
  • In some cases, you may be given the option to ask for a hint, but this sometimes incurs consequences such as a reduction in time. 
  • No rowdy, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour. 
  • No food or drink in the escape rooms. 
  • Players cannot behave in a way that jeopardises the safety of others. 
  • In some cases, players may spoil a clue accidentally and will then be unable to win the game. You will be able to continue playing but think twice before doing something that is irreversible. 
  • The game should be played in the way it was intended. Respect the storyline and play along. 
  • Always follow the rules and the instructions of the staff to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time. 

Who are escape room for? 

Many people wonder what age escape rooms are for. Escape rooms are for everyone, the whole family and your friends. However, some themes may not be suitable for children so always check that you have chosen a family-friendly room beforehand. 

In addition, if you have mobility issues, call ahead and check that you’ve chosen a room with seating and no difficult passageways. 

How to beat an escape room

Everyone going into an escape room is going in hoping to win. However, the percentage of people who succeed and beat an escape room is only 15-30%, so you need some strategies in place to give you and your team the best chance of winning! Here are some of our top tips for beating an escape room. 

Choose your room wisely

Choosing an escape room is the most important thing to succeed. Choose a room that has a theme that you all enjoy and are familiar with. For example, if you’re a group that enjoys watching horror films, choose a haunted house-style room, or if you’re a group that enjoys mystery, choose a crime-solving room. 

Secondly, consider the difficulty rating of the room. If it’s your first time, it’s wise to choose a room with a low difficulty rating so you are successful on your first attempt. But, if you want a challenge, go for something harder.  

Choose your team 

The main thing to consider when you’ve decided you want to do an escape room isn’t which one you’re going to do but who you’re going to do it with. Of course, you want to choose people who you know you’ll have fun with, but you’ll need to consider everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and put together a team that compliments one another. Who will make good team players? Who do you want on your team? 

Many people wonder if escape rooms are easier with less people. That’s difficult to answer because it isn’t really a case of how many people but more the skills the people in your team have. The idea number of people is anything from 2 to 6. You don’t want to do an escape room alone and more than 6 will be too crowded. 

Everything is a clue

What should you look for first? Honestly, everything! Anything in the room can be a clue, from the picture frames on the wall to the books on a shelf. The best thing to do is to split up, each of the team members takes an area of focus on and takes a few minutes to carefully look at every detail of the room. Don’t take anything in the room at face value as there could be a hidden meaning behind it that will help you to beat the room. 

Play to your strengths

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your team before going in. It might be a good idea to have a team talk beforehand where you can assess who is good at what. For example, if you have someone in your team who is good with numbers, allow them to take charge of any numerical tasks, or if you have someone who is creative, allow them to take the lead on riddles or problem-solving because they can think outside of the box. 

Have a look at our top 5 strategies to beating a room with your team. 

Don’t rush

Even though you are under a time restraint it’s important not to rush. If you rush, you could miss a critical clue that you will need later on when moving through the room and you may live to regret it. Rushing could even cause you to lose, break the rules and not enjoy the experience. 

Eat before you go

This one may seem obscure but it’s true that you can’t think clearly when you’re hungry. Many people decide to do the escape room first and then go out for food afterwards to finish off the night but we suggest doing it the other way around. That way, you can think about the escape room rather than what you’re going to order at the restaurant. 

Book now! 

Now you’re all set and you know all the strategies to beating an escape room, it’s time to book! At Escape Now, we currently have 3 fantastic rooms to choose from. If you like mystery, choose our Sherlock’s Secret room. If you like horror, try Haunted Hollow. Finally, if you enjoy action, choose our Getaway room. 

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