How Much Do Escape Rooms Cost Per Person in the UK?

You probably already know that escape rooms are a popular group activity, but you might be wondering how much they cost to see if you can get involved as well. Well, fortunately, escape rooms aren’t expensive and you can find different rooms for a range of prices. Most escape rooms in the UK cost between £10 and £35 per person, but some escape rooms will reduce the price if more people participate. 

So, while they can be a great date idea, you’re likely to pay more for just the two of you than if you were to go with a few of your friends instead. But how many people can take part in an escape room and are they worth it? Let’s look into it in more detail. 

How Many People Can Do an Escape Room?

If escape rooms charge less per person the more people that take part, you might think you can bring your whole football team along for the adventure, but unfortunately, over 10 people is far too many. Escape rooms aren’t huge, so you can usually only fit around 2 to 6 people inside comfortably. Plus, with escape rooms, it’s not the case that the more the merrier, but rather, too many cooks spoil the broth

While some escape rooms are designed for larger groups of around 10 people, in most cases, any more than 5 or 6 people will make the room cramped, and there won’t be enough space or clues for everyone to get involved, leaving some people feeling sidelined and bored. 4 or 5 people is an ideal number for an escape room, as you’ve only got an hour to find all of the clues and solve all the puzzles, so it would be too much for one person to handle alone. 

For keen puzzlers, however, an escape room is a great idea for a couple of friends or a date to really get your brains in gear and show off your critical thinking skills. Just bear in mind, that the price may be slightly more than you expect if you’ve done them before with a larger group.

What Age Group Are Escape Rooms For?

All adults can participate in escape rooms and have an equal amount of fun, whether you’re in your late teens, middle age or twilight years. Young children may find the puzzles too challenging, so those under 16 should be accompanied by a participating adult to help them find the clues and have fun.

Are Escape Rooms Expensive?

You’d be hard-pushed to find a fun group activity in the UK for less than £20 a head these days, so in short: no, escape rooms aren’t expensive. Yes, you can perhaps go bowling for cheaper or simply have a picnic in the park with your friends, but do either of these activities have the same level of fun and challenge as solving puzzles to make your escape? We certainly don’t think so.

At Escape Now, we offer three different themed escape rooms:

  • Sherlock’s Secret
  • Haunted Hollow
  • The Getaway

Each has a different theme so you can choose based on your interests, but they’re also varying difficulties to help you decide which room to choose if you’ve been to escape rooms before or if it’s your first time. What’s more, the price of each room changes according to the number of participants, so: 

  • A group of 6 will be £17.00 per person
  • A group of 5 will be £18.00 per person
  • A group of 4 will be £20.00 per person
  • A group of 3 will be £23.00 per person
  • A group of 2 will be £25.00 per person

So the price doesn’t vary drastically, but you can enjoy a little discount if you bring more friends.

Why Are Escape Rooms Popular?

We think the joy of escape rooms is as clear as day, but since you’ve asked, we’ll answer. Escape rooms are so popular across the UK because they have a number of benefits as well as being a unique experience! Where else can you have fun, bond with your group and challenge yourselves, all within a brilliantly decorated and sometimes spooky environment? It’s like doing a sport without having to do the physical exercise.

But how does it have all of these benefits? Let’s take a look. 


Spending time with your family, friends or coworkers can be fun for some, but a nightmare for others. But with an escape room, you don’t have to listen to terrible jokes and personal affairs, you can get together and concentrate on winning the game. With many clues littered around the rooms and puzzles to solve based on the theme of your choice, you can have a great time learning and playing, as well as feeling the satisfaction of putting the pieces together and working out your way to freedom.


Since you’re locked in a room together for an hour, you’ve got no choice but to work together as a team to find your escape. That’s why escape rooms are a great team-building activity for colleagues, as well as bringing family and friends together, as you need to use each other’s skills to help you get out. And you never know, Jan in accounting might just surprise you with her problem-solving skills.


If you like crosswords, sudokus or jigsaw puzzles, you’ll love escape rooms. These mini puzzles make you use your brain power to solve the problem and complete the task. Well escape rooms do this as well, but on a much larger scale. They challenge your critical thinking abilities as well as your ability to work together as a group, so you can all feel the satisfaction that comes from increased dopamine after finding clues, dismissing red herrings and solving puzzles. 

How Do You Win an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are challenging, which is why there isn’t a particularly high success rate for most participants – but this is what makes them so great! If they were easy, what would be the point? But if we were to give a few tips on how to tackle escape rooms, the first would be to take your time. 

Knowing you only have an hour to get out can cause some people to panic and rush around the room looking for obvious clues, but since escape rooms are a mental challenge and full of clues, none of them are obvious. Everything in the room can be a clue or a red herring, so it’s best to take your time, studying each object in the room and considering its relevance to the theme so you can spot things that stand out or aren’t as you would expect them to be. 

As well as being thematic, there’s often a storyline that goes along with the escape room which you’ll be told before you enter, and you can read about online. So you can prepare yourself for the escape room by familiarising yourself with the story to make it easier for you to spot clues. 

As far as picking a strategy for your escape room goes, you can allocate each team member a corner of the room to study, or a task to do depending on their skill set. But if you don’t know your group so well, you can simply peruse the room together and put your heads together to come up with the solutions. 

Up for an Escape Room Adventure?

Like the idea of an escape room for your next birthday party or work event? You’re guaranteed to have a blast as you try your hand at solving puzzles to escape the room. 

Book your escape room at Escape Now in Birmingham for a challenging adventure. 

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