How can I make my escape room experience more fun?

How Can I Make My Escape Room Experience More Fun?

Maybe you’ve done several escape rooms and now you’re looking to shake things up and make them more fun and feel like the first time you did one. Or, maybe you’re completely new and you want to make sure your first escape room experience is a good one for you and your friends or family.

In this post, we will discuss what an escape room is (for those newbies out there), who can do an escape room as well as tips on making the experience great fun and a day out to remember that will leave you wanting to go back time and time again.

What is an escape room?

The idea behind escape rooms is that players are locked inside a room to solve puzzles and riddles within a certain amount of time. Usually, players will need to find a key to escape or solve the mystery of the room. But don’t worry, you can leave the room at any time, and if you don’t solve all the puzzles within the time frame, you aren’t bound to spend the rest of eternity locked in the same room; you and your friends are free to go after having a great time.

Most escape rooms have a theme and tell a story. Before starting the game, you will be immersed in the story and given a clear objective, to find a key to escape the room or solve the mystery. The aim of an escape room is nothing other than to provide participants with an exciting, team-bonding experience. As long as you and your party follow simple safety rules, no harm will come, and you won’t be touched or hurt by any actors.

If you’re wondering how hard escape rooms are, many rooms have a difficulty rating so you can choose a more accessible option. Once you have completed your first escape room, you will be hooked and ready to book your next visit to complete an even harder escape room.

Remember that an escape room is a team activity, usually for around 2-6 players, designed to call on the strengths of different players. If you are unsure how to solve a puzzle or riddle, someone in your team will likely have the skills to work it out. There’s something in an escape room for all abilities and skill sets.

Who can do an escape room?

Who can do an escape room?

What is the right age for an escape room? Anyone can do an escape room, from children to adults, but it’s always best to check the right age for the room you have chosen as some themes may be too scary for children and intended for adults only. In addition, if you have mobility issues, it’s best to call ahead and check that the room you’re interested in has seating and that there aren’t any difficult passageways.

There are escape rooms designed specifically for children and families and there are escape rooms designed just for adults. You don’t need to be Einstein to take part in escape rooms as the whole point of them is to work as a team to solve challenges. If you choose your team carefully, if you don’t know how to solve a puzzle or riddle, hopefully, someone in your team will.

Make your escape room experience fun

Escape rooms are popular because they are already great fun! Doing an escape room is a great way to bond with your friends and family or for corporate away days with your work colleagues. But if you want to get the most out of your experience, here are some tips on how to make your time in your chosen escape room, super fun.

Choose your room wisely

Choosing an escape room is the most important step in doing an escape room. All escape rooms have a theme and a story behind them so make sure you look carefully into the different themes on offer. If you have a particular interest in crime, science or the supernatural, look out for escape room themes that interest you the most.

There are so many room themes to choose from, from crime scene investigations to haunted houses so there is something for everyone.

Look at the escape room difficulty rating to help you choose a room. If this is your first escape room experience, to make sure you and your teams all have a great time, it’s probably a good idea to choose a room with a low difficulty rating. If you have done many escape rooms before or if you really want a challenge, go for a hard difficulty rating to really push you and your team.

Choose your team

Are escape rooms easier with less people? This is a difficult question to answer as the most important thing to consider is who you choose not how many. You don’t want to do an escape room on your own so make sure you have at least 2 people and no more than 6 as it will be too crowded.

When choosing your team, to make sure you have the most fun possible is to of course choose people that you know you’re going to have a great time with but it’s also important to consider the skillset of each team member. The more widely spread the skills of the team are the more successful your team will be and the more likely you are to beat the room.

Increase your chance of winning

The percentage of people who succeed and beat an escape room is relatively low at only 15-30%. Everyone loves to win so in order to have the best time possible is to use strategies that increase your chances of winning.

Here are some strategies to win to help you beat the escape room in your given time:

  • Familiarise yourself with the rules so you know exactly what to do when you get in there. You don’t want to put a dampener on your experience by breaking the rules and incurring a forfeit.
  • Work to your strengths. Have a team meeting before the escape room to strategise. Discuss a plan of action and who is going to take the lead on which kinds of challenges.
  • Understand the theme. You have chosen your theme but make sure you and your team all understand it as well as the story so you can pre-empt what might be in the room, which will give you the upper hand.
  • Don’t rush! Enjoy your time in the escape room, try not to take it too seriously and get stressed otherwise this will put a downer in your time in there and make you less likely to succeed.
  • What should you look for first?  Everything! The first few minutes are crucial when entering an escape room. Make sure everyone in your team checks everything for clues from the books on the shelf to the pictures on the wall.

Escape Now

Escape Now

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So, how can you make your experience more fun? Follow the steps in this post and book now with Escape Now!

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