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Do Escape Rooms Trigger Claustrophobia?

Escape Rooms are the ultimate team activity that allows you to problem-solve and investigate with your friends and family! You can do many different types of escape rooms, with separate themes and activities to complete.

But what if you have claustrophobia? Can you enjoy your time in an escape room, or is it better to avoid them altogether? 

What is Claustrophobia? 

Claustrophobia, or the fear of small, crowded, or closed rooms, is a common phobia, and it’s a question we get asked a lot. 

Fear of enclosed spaces affects different people to varying degrees. Some people may experience less fear and slight anxiety in a subway, elevator, or other rooms without windows. 

On the other hand, some people experience much more severe symptoms, such as panic, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, and excessive sweating.

Although treatment for claustrophobia can be challenging and time-consuming, it is not a disease that prevents people from being self-sufficient. Most cases of claustrophobia stem from childhood trauma.

People with claustrophobia know their condition and take precautions to avoid triggering circumstances. 

They walk, work, and engage in almost every other social activity, and it just means that when it comes to the places they go, they are more cautious than the rest of the population.

Why Are Escape Rooms So Much Fun? 

Who wouldn’t want to be able to move to different locations, step outside of their comfort zone, and try something new and exciting? 

That is precisely what escape rooms do: they allow you to escape your everyday routine, spend time away from the virtual world, and have fun with your friends.

Interesting Plots 

Each escape room tells a different story, and you can choose which adventure to go on based on your group’s preferences.

Problems You Need to Solve Together 

Overcoming various challenges, resolving logical puzzles, and, most importantly, working together—without which the mystery you picked would not be solved in time—is a compelling incentive for all players. 

People leave the mystery room with positive emotions, are happier, and are more willing to share after a game—and, yes, a better working team.

Conditions That Are Clear and Simple 

To participate in the games, you need a group of people (friends, family, or coworkers) who like to solve puzzles, want to win, and would look forward to playing various roles.

Find The Most Appealing Escape Room & Begin The Team Game

Team managers always look for activities to help with team building experience and often favour escape rooms. 

This is because escape rooms allow participants to get to know one another and discover a common language. Participants in the game must cooperate to solve the puzzle and escape before time runs out. 

When people work as a team for just one hour, they get to know each other much better than when they work beside each other in an office for several years.

Escape Rooms With Claustrophobia 

People with claustrophobia may have some anxieties about going to an escape room. Some being:

  • Whether the room in which you will be solving riddles is large enough and well-ventilated.
  • If there is a “panic” button or fire exit that they can use if necessary.
  • Is the door locked, or has it just been closed?
  • Whether there are cameras in the room to monitor the game, and if necessary, employees can intervene immediately.

But let us put your mind at rest. 

These are widespread fears regarding escape rooms. While some may initially seem intense, or you feel that you will be “locked” in without any way out, but that is not the case.

The Reality of Escape Rooms 

The reality is that all escape rooms need to pass specific criteria if there is an emergency or if they have a participant with special requirements such as claustrophobia. 

Here are three essential things that all escape rooms will have in place:

1. Actually, the rooms are surprisingly big!

Escape rooms often have multiple rooms, so there is a lot of space to move around. You don’t have to squeeze past your teammates or hit any furniture as you move around the room.

2. Escape games are played for fun, so you can leave at any time!

As part of the immersive facade, the doors are “locked” behind you, allowing players to feel trapped without actually being trapped. You can quit the game anytime if you feel uneasy or unable to continue. Simply tell the game master you must leave, and they’ll let you out!

3. You’ll be distracted from your worries by the game. 

A fun distraction is a great way to treat claustrophobia. You won’t even notice you’re in a small space because you’ll be absorbed and excited about the game! 

Participate and give it a shot. We promise that you won’t believe how quickly you forget about your previous concerns!

We encourage you to seek medical advice before you go to an escape room if you feel your concerns may still affect you.

Why You Need To Come To Escape Now Birmingham

Is Two Enough for an Escape Room? 

We are Birmingham’s most well-known escape room here at Escape Now. 

We guarantee you an exciting, all-encompassing experience when you visit us, one that will push you to use your analytical and creative thinking.

We also provide corporate escape room experiences, which can host 10 to 30 participants. 

Come and play with us today if you want to bring your coworkers for an icebreaker or team-building activity!

You can reserve a fun, unique, and mentally challenging experience at Escape Now.

What Escape Rooms Do We Have? 

We have a variety of challenges that will undoubtedly get you thinking! Here are the three unique escape rooms we offer: 

Can You Be Drunk in an Escape Room

Cyborgs have replaced the human world! Human-made cyborgs have developed consciousness and proliferated around the planet in millions of computer servers!

To defeat the cyborgs, you have joined the rebel army. The objective is to sneak inside the cyborgs’ headquarters and disable the system. 

The rebels have discovered an algorithm that can disable the security system for just one hour; now is your chance to defeat the cyborgs before the human species becomes extinct.

Book Cyberwarfare Now

Can You Be Drunk in an Escape Room

Mr Hollowhill departed ten years ago, leaving just his dilapidated house as evidence. Even though his disappearance was strange, the investigation eventually ended. 

However, the bank recently acquired the property, sold it at auction, and then cheaply purchased it from investors who merely wanted to sell it.

The renovators think this will be a simple job because they are unaware of the tumultuous past of the house, but they are in for a surprise!

This mansion has many more mysteries than seen at first glance, some dangerous. Who exactly was Mr Hollowhill? What happened to him? Do you dare to go in?

Book Haunted Hollow Now

family playing an escape room

Holmes and Watson have been investigating a case of a serial killer on the run. 

But in typical Holmes flair, he made a ground-breaking deduction and took off. Watson sped up after Holmes, believing he had just solved the case and returned home. 

However, when he got to 221B, there was no sign of Holmes; all that was left was a message on the desk, written in the same bizarre code the murderer had been leaving at the crime scenes.

Watson assembles a top team of forensic detectives to meet at 221B Baker St., solve the case before time runs out, and save Sherlock from the sadistic killer because he cannot accomplish this task alone!

Book Sherlocks Secret Now

Come & Escape Now! 

Invite your loved ones, coworkers, or other gamers to Escape Now for an incredible entertainment, mystery, and intrigue evening.

We have three adventure rooms with configurations for groups of two to six people each. You and your team must work quickly to decipher challenging clues and piece together the plot before time runs out.

Visit our website and choose your game, the number of players, the day, and the time slot to reserve your escape room adventure. We are excited to see you!

Call 0121 221 2371 or email [email protected] to get in touch with us.

FAQs About Escape Rooms and Claustrophobia

How does Escape Now help people with claustrophobia? 

We have members of staff on at all times throughout your experience. So if you feel overwhelmed and need to leave, all you have to do is say, and we will come and get you out immediately.

What if you have other medical issues? (e.g. severe anxiety, mobility or heart problems) 

If you have other health problems that you feel will impact you whilst playing in an escape room, please ensure you consult with your doctor before booking. 

As a team, we will also look after you throughout your entire time if you decide to come and explore!

How Much is Your Escape Rooms? 

Escape Now is £17.00 per person for 60 minutes to try and get out! We also offer a 15% student discount! 

Do you have gift cards? 

Yes. You can give your friends or family the ultimate present, by giving them an experience with us. With a balance of up to £150, you can treat multiple people to a fantastic time!

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