cracking the code: birmingham's top escape room experiences revealed

Cracking the Code: Birmingham’s Top Escape Room Experiences Revealed

With more and more people looking for exciting, inclusive and entertaining experiences, escape rooms provide all this and more. Inciting teamwork, testing your problem-solving skills, not to mention just doing something different with your friends and family!

Escape Now is here to reveal Birmingham’s top escape room experience! In this blog we will be sharing information about the unique experiences we offer, whilst answering some questions you may have about escape rooms, including ours!

What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms have seen a rise in popularity over the years. This has been further facilitated by the end of lockdown and the public desire to spend time outside of their homes. So what is an escape room?

An escape room is a challenge-based activity in which you and your team are locked within a room or rooms, and have to solve various puzzles in time in order to escape, thereby winning the challenge.

Escape rooms have origins in Live Action Role Playing, or LARPing, which is an experience during which players role-play as characters from games or historical events.

They also have origins in online “point and click” escape-the-room games, wherein players could solve puzzles, combine items, and escape out of a virtual room from the comfort of their own home.

Other inspirations include traditional scavenger or treasure hunts and interactive theatres such as haunted houses or murder mystery dinner shows.

Are all escape rooms the same?

Escape rooms vary depending on the provider you go to. Each escape room provider will likely have more than one kind of challenge, varying in difficulty. Themes such as horror, sci-fi, murder mystery and more can be added to create an engaging narrative for the participants to become engrossed in.

Birmingham’s top escape room experiences revealed

Birmingham’s top escape room experiences revealed

At Escape Now, we have different challenges guaranteed to get you thinking! Here are three we offer, they are as follows:

Sherlock´s Secret (Challenge level : Difficult)

In a city that breathes uncertainty, a gloom lures over 221B Baker St as Sherlock Holmes has been abducted by the very killer he was chasing. What possibly could have happened?

To find Mr Holmes we are recruiting only the best detectives in the city to solve the mystery and find Mr Holmes before it’s too late. The odds are against you and time is running out, can you find Mr Holmes in time?

A serial murderer is on the loose, and Holmes and Watson have been on the case. In typical fashion, however, Holmes was struck with a breakthrough deduction and ran off.

Thinking Holmes had simply solved the case and gone back home, Watson followed shortly behind. But when he arrived at 221B, there was no trace of Holmes – only a note left on the desk, written in the same strange code the killer has been leaving at the scenes of the crimes.

Unable to solve the case himself, Watson recruits a top team of forensic investigators to assemble at 221B Baker St, solve the case before time runs out and save Sherlock from the sadistic killer.

Haunted Hollow (Challenge level : Medium)

Ten years ago, Mr Hollowhill vanished without a trace, leaving only his ramshackle house behind. Though his disappearance was suspicious, the case eventually went cold.

Mr Hollowhill vanished without a trace, leaving only his ramshackle house behind. Though his disappearance was suspicious, the case eventually went cold. Recently however, the house was seized by the bank, auctioned and bought at a steal by investors only wishing to sell it off.

Knowing nothing of the house’s troubled history, the renovators believe this to be a simple job, but they don’t know what they’re in for. This house holds many more secrets than first thought, and some of them are deadly. Just who was Mr Hollowhill? Where did he go? Dare to enter?

Cyberwarfare (Challenge level: Medium)

The cyborg world has taken over from humans! Created by humans, the cyborg have gained self awareness and spread into millions of computer servers across the world!

You have joined the rebel army to take down the cyborgs. The task is to infiltrate the cyborgs’ main facility and destroy the system from within. The rebels have found an algorithm which can take down the security system for only 1 hour, this is your opportunity to take down the cyborgs otherwise the human race will cease to exist.

Head over to our site to book your escape room today!

Who can play in an escape room?

Who can play in an escape room?

Everyone is welcome to participate in our escape rooms, this includes:

  • FAMILY & FRIENDS – Experience a real-life adventure with your friends and loved ones. Spend time with each other in a new environment that requires teamwork and communication.
  • TOURISTS – Brighten your trip with an unforgettable experience.
  • GAMERS – Level up your coordination, speed and creativity as we bring your fantasy games into reality, a must-try for any level of avid gamer.
  • CORPORATE – A perfect place to test your teamwork, communication skills and critical thinking. An ideal and safe way to refine a perfect working environment.

*A note for people with health conditions

It is best to consult a doctor before reserving your place. Some of the Escape Now escape rooms include UV light, tiny and dark spaces. People with heart conditions, physical disabilities, epilepsy, and claustrophobia are recommended not to play our games as they will find them difficult to complete.

Always keep your health as a priority. For further info on this contact [email protected] before making a booking.

Our challenges require a minimum of 2, and a maximum of 6 people to participate. Alternatively, we offer event bookings too, ideal for corporate team-building! Event bookings range from 10-30 people.

Booking an escape room is as simple as heading to our website, or contacting us directly to choose your escape room, participants and time.

Are you a student? We offer 15% off for students every thursday, all you need to do is bring your student ID as proof! This works with any of our escape rooms you want to participate in.

Can I book a Escape room for someone?

Yes, you can book on behalf of someone, it sometimes may be difficult to organise around other people’s schedules, which is why we also offer giftcards! Giftcards are a great option for two reasons:

  1. 1. They are a thoughtful and unique gift option for someone to get a fantastic escape room experience.
  2. There is a big chance that you will be invited to play in a team!

It is best to book an escape game in advance. If the value of the gift card is lower, you can pay the difference upon arrival. If your card is more expensive than a game, you can use unused funds for your next experience with Escape Now.

Book your escape room today

Book your escape room today

Our brand-new location in the historic city of Birmingham is where you’ll find the best and latest additions to the Escape Now family. We’re pleased to announce four new rooms: Sherlocks Secret, Haunted Hollow, The Getaway, and Cyberwarfare.

In this blog, we hope to have shared with you Birmingham’s top escape room experience Whilst also sharing with you the unique challenges we at Escape Now offer. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions we can help you with.

At Escape Now we guarantee a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Extensive detail and maximum immersion – we’ve got it all! Come down and see for yourself!

We love a challenge, and we hope you do too. Book today for an unforgettable, challenging, fun and unique experience!

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Birmingham, England

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