Can You Leave an Escape Room to Go to the Bathroom?

Can You Leave an Escape Room to Go to the Bathroom?

Picture this: you finally make your way into the escape room for your work team-building event or friend’s birthday. With everybody beaming and excited, you quickly head into the room to start working on your escape, when the door shuts firmly behind you and all of a sudden… you really need a wee.

Most of us have experienced “key-in-lock syndrome” at some point, where we have an uncontrollable urge to use the toilet as soon as we arrive at the front door, or simply when it’s painfully clear there are no toilets around to be used, so naturally, it is a pressing concern for escape room attendees.

Well, worry no more. Escape rooms do have bathrooms and you are allowed to leave escape rooms for several reasons, including to go to the toilet.

How Long Do Escape Rooms Last?

What Are the Rules for Escape Rooms?

It’s a good idea to become familiar with the rules for escape rooms before you attend so that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises when the door is shut, but game masters will take you through the basic rules when you arrive. It’s best to arrive around 10 minutes before your booking so you have time to go through the details and ask any questions you might have.

We can hear the sighs and groans as the rule book gets brought out when you’re playing board games and we know that too many rules spoil the fun. But the concept of escape rooms is one based on challenging yet safe fun, and having some rules helps keep it that way.

Before you enter the escape room, you’ll be asked to put your belongings in a locker outside of the room to keep your things safe and prevent any handy tools from being snuck into the room, so of course, mobile phones are not permitted inside escape rooms. You’ll be asked if you have any medical conditions that may affect your ability to take part, and will be advised to sit out if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Anxiety disorders (including panic attacks)
  • Mobility disorders
  • Claustrophobia
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart conditions

You won’t be immediately banned from playing if you do have a medical condition, but to keep you and other participants safe, the games masters need to be aware of any potential medical problems to prevent any incidents.

Then, you’ll be asked if you need to use the bathroom. Escape rooms do have bathrooms, but they’re not accessible once you’ve entered the escape room itself, so it’s always a good idea to use the bathroom before you go in, even if you don’t think you need to.

There is also no dress code for escape rooms, although you may be given some costume items to get into the spirit of the game and fit the time or theme of your chosen escape room. You can wear jeans in an escape room, or any other clothing item, as long as you’re comfortable and your movement isn’t restricted, it doesn’t really matter.

Can You Leave an Escape Room if You’re Having a Panic Attack?

How Long Do Escape Rooms Last?

Generally speaking, escape rooms last 45 – 60 minutes and are intended for groups of 2 – 10 people, although smaller escape rooms will have limits of around 6 people. Sometimes there simply isn’t enough space for too many people to safely be in one room, and sometimes too many cooks spoil the broth – you make a better team with fewer members.

If you’re an escape room whizz, you might only take 20 – 30 minutes to solve the puzzles and find your way out, but since less than half the people who enter escape rooms successfully escape, you can expect to spend up to an hour in the room.

Your games master will be watching and listening to you in the room, and you can communicate with them over a radio you’ll be given, so you can ask for help, but once your time is over, it’s over. If you haven’t solved the puzzles and escaped, you will of course be let out of the room to continue your day, but you won’t have won the escape room.

Can You Go to The Bathroom During an Escape Room?

Although everyone in your group will be asked if they need to use the bathroom before going into the escape room (and encouraged to do so!), if you’re desperate once you’re inside, you can either ask your games master to let you out or push a button you’ll have been shown to unlock the door for emergencies.

In most cases you can’t then grab your bag and head to the toilet to secretly look up clues to help your escape, as unfair play is widely discouraged, however, in urgent cases when something is required, your games master will let you access your belongings too.

However, you should be aware that sometimes you won’t be permitted back into the escape room once you’ve left. This is up to your games master’s discretion in the interests of fair play as well as health and safety.

If you’ve got a tummy problem, it’s best for your own and your teammates’ well-being that you’re not locked away together in an enclosed space, and if it was simply a short break needed because you’ve got key-in-lock syndrome, then you’ll most likely be allowed back into the room anyway.

Can You Leave an Escape Room if You’re Having a Panic Attack?

Can You Leave an Escape Room if You’re Having a Panic Attack?

Needing the toilet isn’t the only reason to want to leave an escape room. Sometimes the pressure and closed room can be too much and cause people to panic, regardless of whether they have a pre-existing anxiety condition or not. If you start to have a panic attack or generally feel unwell while in an escape room, you will be let out as quickly as possible and given medical attention if required.

Since your games master will be watching your escape attempt, they will be monitoring people’s behaviour to make sure everyone’s safe and can talk to you over the radio if you need any help. There are also panic buttons installed in most escape rooms so in an emergency, you can press the button and unlock the door to leave. Once you have pressed this button, however, it is very unlikely you’ll be allowed back into the room to finish your escape.

What Age Group Are Escape Rooms Aimed At?

What Age Group Are Escape Rooms Aimed At?

Escape rooms are for people of all ages, as we can all enjoy the benefits of a fun activity with friends that improves our communication skills, teamwork capabilities, emotional state and motor skills! Escape rooms have many benefits to our health and strengthen relationships with those around us, so there’s no age limit on who can take part. Whether you book an escape room for a team-building exercise at work, a fun family outing, or a challenging first date, everybody’s sure to have a good time solving puzzles and riddles.

Some escape rooms, however, are horror-themed, like Escape Now’s Haunted Hollow adventure, so they are inappropriate for younger audiences. Although the only regulation is that children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult within the escape room itself.

Escape Now’s other rooms include:

  • Sherlock’s Secret – a Sherlock Holmes-themed mystery
  • Haunted Hollow – a case of a suspicious disappearance…
  • Cyberwarfare – the cyborgs have consciousness!

Best Escape Rooms – Escape Now

Escape rooms have been growing in popularity across the world for over 15 years, with a number of fantastic escape rooms popping up all over the UK.

Escape Now is one of Britain’s best, busying Birmingham’s brainiacs with boggling brain-teasers for their bemusement in our brilliantly-built escape rooms.

Have a look at our rooms to see which challenge you want to face, or book your room now.

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