Can Food or Drink Be Taken in an Escape Room

Can Food or Drink Be Taken in an Escape Room?

You’ve decided to do an escape room, an excellent decision! You’re going to have a great time with your time. If this is your first time, you probably have a lot of questions about what to expect, even down to the little things like what you’re allowed to take in the escape room with you. To ease your mind, we have put together a guide to tell you what to expect for your first escape room experience.

Plan your escape room experience

The first thing to do is to plan your escape room experience and that means choosing an escape room. Every escape room is different and there are so many to choose from. Each room has a different story and theme behind it so choose one that piques your interest. Also, consider the escape room difficulty level. If this is your first attempt, choose a room that has a low difficulty rating, or, if you want to dive straight in with a challenge, choose a high difficulty rated room.

At Escape Now, we currently have three rooms available. Sherlock’s Secret is a difficult room to conquer, whereas Haunted Hollow and Getaway have a medium difficulty rating. We recommend starting with either of the two easier rooms if it’s your first visit. 

Choosing your team

The next thing you’ll need to do is select your team. Choose a team that you’re not only going to have fun with (because an escape room is supposed to be enjoyable after all) but also people that you know are going to work well as a team. Remember that escape rooms are designed to be a challenging team activity so choose people who are up for the challenge.

What age are escape rooms for? Some escape rooms are suitable for families with children, but not all of them are. Some themes and stories behind many escape rooms are inappropriate for children. Escape rooms don’t necessarily have a specific target age group as they’re open to everyone but they’re most popular amongst 15-25. That being said, anyone can do an escape room, from groups of friends and family members or for corporate team building events.

Choosing the right number of people for your team is also something to consider. Many people think escape rooms are easier with less people but this depends on who you have in your team and what skills they have. The ideal number for an escape room is anything between 2 and 6 players. You don’t want to do an escape room on your own and more than 6 will make it too crowded and not everyone will get to take part.

What to take to an escape room

What to take to an escape room

After you have chosen your escape room and carefully selected your teammates, you’re all set and ready to go at the time and date you have chosen.

Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing. Escape rooms aren’t necessarily physically challenging but you could be standing up for a while and you will be scrambling around the room for clues and puzzles so you’ll need full mobility to do this. Save the fancy frocks for another night and dress in loose, comfortable clothes.

Eat before you get there! Some people choose to do the escape room activity first and go out for something to eat afterwards. We recommend doing it the other way around otherwise you will be hungry during the experience and not fully focus on the task at hand. So, rather than thinking about food the whole time, take your friends out for a delicious grub beforehand and talk tactics.

Can food and drink be taken into an escape room? Probably not. Most escape rooms don’t allow food and drink into their rooms not just because props and clues could get ruined if they’re contaminated with food and drink but because you will be too busy solving the clues and puzzles to find time to eat and drink.

In our escape rooms at Escape Now, you only have an hour to complete the room so you will need to put all of your energy and time into working together. You will usually find that escape rooms have somewhere for you and your friends to get a drink and a snack before or after your experience.

When you arrive at an escape room

When you arrive at your escape room, make sure your whole team is there and if not, wait in the lobby for them. You will be greeted by a member of staff who will check you in and go over the rules of the escape room. The rooms will be mostly health and safety rules as well as some additional things to remember when you’re playing the game.

You will then either be shown a video or given a backstory to read that will explain the theme of the room in more detail. This is your opportunity as a team to take in any last clues before entering the room and to ask any questions that you have.

What to expect during your escape room experience

What to expect during your escape room experience

When you and your team enter the room, you will be locked inside. Don’t worry, you can leave any time you like as you aren’t really trapped.

You’ll need to know what to look for first as the first few minutes in an escape room are crucial. We recommend splitting up and each taking a section of the room to look for clues and puzzles. Remember that anything can be a clue in an escape room so make sure you look at every picture frame and book as well as under and behind furniture. Always make sure you are being safe and following the rules, for example, if you can’t reach something or it isn’t very easy to access, chances are, it isn’t a clue.

The percentage of people who complete an escape room, you may be surprised, is only 15-30%, which means you’re going to need to use some strategies to win an escape room. Discuss these strategies over some food before the escape room begins and implement them during the game.

One of the best strategies is to work to everyone’s strengths. For example, if you have someone in your team who is good with numbers, use them for numerical challenges. If you have someone who is creative and an out-of-the-box thinker, allow them to take the lead on solving any tricky riddles. You may have someone on your team who has experience with the theme of your room such as a friend who enjoys reading spy novels or watching detective movies.

Secondly, make sure you take your time. Yes, you only have an hour to work through the room but it’s better to pace yourself than miss a clue or make a mistake. In some escape rooms, mistakes incur time penalties so it’s always better to slow down. Remember the tortoise and the hare story?

Thirdly, always remind yourself and your team of the backstory and theme of the room. Sometimes people can get carried away in finding clues and solving puzzles that they forget the bigger picture. Understanding what the end goal is will help you to put the challenges you face in the room into context.

Escape rooms are fun!

It’s no wonder escape rooms are popular and why people return time and time again to complete different rooms or re-attempt rooms that they haven’t managed to tackle. Once you have tried an escape room with your friends, we’re certain you’ll want to keep coming back and you’ll get better and better at it with every visit. The most important thing is to remember to have fun and not to take the experience too seriously.

To conclude, can food and drink be taken into an escape room? Probably not. Eat out with your team beforehand, discuss strategies and arrive at your escape room experience ready to get to work!

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