Can 2 People Beat an Escape Room?

Can 2 People Beat an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are notoriously tricky, otherwise, what would be the fun?! But how difficult are they really and how many people do you need to complete one? Well, it all depends on what skills each person brings to the table and how much you want to have fun versus how much you want to win! Two heads are better than one, three’s a crowd, but the more the merrier and too many cooks spoil the broth, so how many people should do an escape room?

How Many People Can Do an Escape Room?

How many people can do an escape room depends largely on the size and complexity of the escape room itself. At Escape Now, our rooms are big enough for up to 6 people, but there are some larger escape rooms that can fit up to 10 people. But having a large group isn’t always going to make things easier. With more people, you may have more eyes in the rooms ready to search for clues, but you can also get in each other’s way, confuse ideas and complicate communication, so we recommend 2 – 6 people is the ideal size for an escape room.

You might think that you’re clever enough to complete an escape room alone, and we won’t dispute that, but half of the fun – and one of the benefits of escape rooms – is solving puzzles together. Talking to your friends, family or coworkers about the clues you’ve found and gaining different perspectives on what they mean and how to solve the puzzle improves your communication skills, your ability to work as a team and helps you open your eyes to each other’s problem-solving skills, so doing an escape room with a small group is ideal.

In fact, one of the tricks to solving escape rooms is having a diverse group of thinkers so you can put your heads together and come up with the best solutions.

How Many People Can Do an Escape Room?

Can 2 People Beat an Escape Room?

Two people can absolutely take part in an escape room – whether they can beat it and escape in the allotted time, however, is open to debate. Escape rooms are great date ideas so you can get to know someone and the way they think, or improve your communication as a couple or as friends, so we do recommend our escape rooms to duos.

However, less than a third of people successfully complete escape rooms in the allotted time, so there’s no certainty you’ll be able to beat an escape room as two people. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to beat, and if anything, just increases the challenge and the fun!

Are Escape Rooms Difficult?

With only 15 – 30% of people successfully completing escape rooms, completing the whole escape room is clearly a challenge. But each escape room is filled with a number of different puzzles, clues and red herrings which you can solve or disregard along the way, so you won’t be completely lost once you’re inside the escape room, there’s plenty to keep you and your team engaged.

Each escape room is also given a difficulty ranking so you know before you book whether your chosen room is great for beginners, medium difficulty or very hard, and you can choose which rooms are best suited to you and your team’s interests and abilities.

Our escape rooms include:

  • Sherlock’s Secret – Difficult
  • Haunted Hollow – Medium
  • The Getaway – Medium

If you do get stuck, your games master will be on the other end of a walkie-talkie or able to listen and speak to you over the microphone and speakers hidden in the escape room, so you can ask questions and get tips when you need them to help you along. They’re not there to tell you all of the answers or let you win, but if you’re struggling, they can point you in the right direction.

Are Escape Rooms Difficult?

What Age is Best for Escape Rooms?

Problem-solving, puzzles and group fun are suitable for all ages, but some puzzles may be tricky for the little ones, so anyone under 16 should be accompanied by an adult inside the escape room. What’s more, some escape rooms are horror-themed, such as our Haunted Hollow room, so we don’t recommend taking young children into these rooms as the contents may be too frightening for them.

Adults of all ages delight in our escape rooms, whether it’s a birthday party for friends, a couple’s date or a work team-building outing. Everyone can reap the rewards of completing puzzles and having a laugh with others!

Are Escape Rooms Good For You?

Not only are escape rooms good fun, but they’re also good for your brain! From improving your mood to working out your brain muscles, escape rooms have many benefits that make them a great exercise. Plus, they’re affordable fun!

Escape rooms:

  • Increase dopamine
  • Improve motor skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Can help people overcome claustrophobia
Are Escape Rooms Difficult?

Mental Benefits of Escape Rooms

Each time we overcome a challenge, however big or small, we feel a satisfaction and sense of accomplishment thanks to our brains releasing dopamine. Dopamine is a feel-good hormone that boosts our mood after taking part in pleasurable or challenging activities like exercise, eating good food and, of course, problem-solving! It’s also a great distraction from real-world problems so you can enjoy being locked away for an hour with only the escape room puzzles to concern you.

In addition, solving puzzles flexes your brain muscles and requires quick thinking to put two clues together and solve the problem, so as well as having fun and increasing dopamine, escape rooms also improve your memory and motor skills, which become especially important as we get older. You won’t be allowed your phone in the escape room, so it’s just you, your friends and your brains that have to work together to get out.

Improved Communication

Escape rooms also improve our communication skills and teamwork, as we’re forced to interact positively with each other and communicate our ideas clearly in order to overcome the challenge and escape the room. It’s virtually impossible to share ideas and solve problems without talking to one another, or by talking with a rotten attitude, so escape rooms are also great exercises for colleagues, families and couples to learn to communicate better and work together for a common goal.

Escape Rooms and Claustrophobia

Escape Rooms and Claustrophobia

One unusual benefit of escape rooms is that they can actually be helpful for people with claustrophobia. It may seem counterintuitive that locking someone in a room who has a fear of being locked in a room can be good for them, but escape rooms are full of fun distractions, so once inside, many people with moderate and severe claustrophobia forget about their concerns and concentrate on the task at hand. Afterwards, they can see that they’ve successfully spent 45 – 60 minutes in an enclosed space without even thinking about it, helping them to realise the irrationality of their fears and assist in overcoming them.

People with anxiety don’t need to fear escape rooms either, as there are precautions in place if you do begin to feel uncomfortable in the room. Our games masters are on hand to help talk you through any issues over the radio and they can open the door to help you out whenever you need to leave. We don’t really lock you in, and it’s not against the rules of escape rooms to ask for the door to be left open if it makes you more comfortable, it’s just part of the fun to up the stakes and increase the challenge!

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At Escape Now, we love a challenge! Our three escape rooms are full of pleasing puzzles and cunning clues ready for you and your team to try to solve. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to beat the escape room? Book your escape room experience now!

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