Are Hints or Tips Given in an Escape Room?

Are Hints or Tips Given in an Escape Room?

If you’re considering booking an escape room for yourself and your friends, chances are you aren’t just doing it to have fun but you want to win too! If you’re competitive you’re probably already thinking of ways to give you and your team the upper hand.

In this post, we will give you some winning strategies to help you succeed including whether you’ll get hints and tips whilst you’re in the room.

What’s the aim of an escape room?

Escape rooms are one of the most fun team-building activities you can do with your friends and family. There are so many out there that many people work their way around each different room in the hopes of conquering them all!

The aim of the game is to solve the puzzles, clues and riddles to escape the room before the time is up. Most escape rooms run over one hour and they each have a different theme and back story. In some cases, you may need to solve a mystery within the time frame, solve a problem or find something in order to escape.

Don’t worry, if you don’t solve the room in the given time frame you aren’t doomed and destined to spend an eternity in the room. You and your team will be let out having had a great time and still victorious even with a loss. It’s no wonder why escape rooms are so popular and are still continuing to grow in popularity in 2023.

How difficult are escape rooms?

Escape rooms are purposely designed to be challenging. Not everyone beats an escape room, in fact, the percentage of people who win might surprise you as it’s estimated to only be around 15-30% of people that solve the room in the hour time frame.

We don’t say this to put you up, quite the opposite actually! The rooms are designed to test you and your team and because they’re difficult, if you manage to beat the room you can leave knowing that you’re in the minority group of people who have done so. If you don’t win, never mind, you’ll still have a great time and you can always go back and give it another go.

But, you’re in luck because you can choose the difficulty of your room when you book so you don’t need to feed yourself and your team to the sharks on the first try and book a room with a high difficulty rating. Go for something a little easier so you can work out what’s what and get some practice in before you go for the big-time escape rooms.

Strategies to win

Strategies to win

We know that if you’re thinking of booking an escape room you’re probably not just doing it to have a good time with your friends… You want to win! And we don’t blame you, who doesn’t like to win? In this section, we have some escape room strategies to help you and your team beat the game and leave as heroes.

When you’re in the room, it’s unlikely that the staff will give you hints and tips if you’re struggling, although some escape rooms do this. If you want to find out if the escape room you have chosen offers hints and tips, call ahead and find out. But, the biggest hints will be the clues and proper inside the room.

Choosing the right room

Urguarbley one of the most important things is knowing how to choose an escape room that suits your and your team’s abilities. First of all, as we’ve already mentioned, choose your escape room difficulty and don’t feel ashamed to go for something a little easier, even if it does hurt your ego a little. It’s better to start easier and be successful than start harder and have to go down a peg or two because you can’t quite beat the time.

The next thing to consider if the theme of the room. Choose something that you and your friends are familiar with. For example, if you’re a group of science students or science enthusiasts, choose a room with that theme; maybe a science experiment gone wrong or a nuclear catastrophe. That way, you will know what to expect when you walk into the room.

Equally, if you and your team are super into horror films, go for a haunted house escape room or even a murder mystery. Do you have a friend who can always predict the ending of a film? They’ll be your best friend in a horror-themed escape room. 

Choosing the right team

After choosing the escape room you need to make sure you have the right team. Of course, you want to have a great time with your besties but if your goal is to win, consider who you will work best within your team. What strengths does each person hold and what are their weaknesses? Is there someone in your team who is good at maths or a creative person who thinks outside of the box?

Some people think escape rooms are easier with fewer people but that all depends on who you choose. You don’t want to do an escape room by yourself but you also don’t want too many people either to crowd the room. Most escape rooms recommend 2-6 people to choose wisely.

The good thing is that there is no appropriate age for an escape room as they are great for everyone. They are most popular amongst 15-25 year olds but many families, friends and corporate groups out of this age group attend escape rooms and have a great time. However, always check the room you have chosen is suitable for children if you have any in your group as not every room is.

Plan ahead and be prepared

This may seem trivial, but make sure you plan your journey and leave within plenty of time. The last thing you need is to get lost, stuck in traffic and arrive late at your escape room because you will already be feeling the pressure.

Another great tip is to eat before you go. Make a night of it and go out for your food with your team beforehand to talk strategies. Some groups choose to go out for food afterwards but this means you’re turning up to your escape room hungry and no one performs at their best in this state.

Look at everything!

Look at everything!

We cannot stress enough the importance of looking at everything. Knowing what to look for first is key and the best thing to do is to separate and look at the tiny details first. Don’t overlook pictures on the wall, books on the shelf or a pen on the desk as everything could be a clue.

Note that if something is too difficult to reach, too heavy to move or seems unsafe to get to, it won’t be a clue. Put your safety first but generally speaking, look at everything!

Understand the rules and the theme

Make sure you and your team are familiar with the rules before you enter. Your guide will explain everything to you when you arrive and refamiliarise you with the theme and story of the escape room. Sometimes you will be given a video to watch or a story to read so pay attention so you may find new information.

Follow the rules and they’re there to make sure you have fun and to keep you safe. In some cases, escape room staff will end your game or add time penalties if you break the rules.

Keep an eye on the time

It’s all fun and games until you run out of time! We aren’t saying you should rush through the game but you need to have someone in the group responsible for timekeeping so you don’t get carried away. You’ll be surprised how time flies when you’re in the room, concentrating on a riddle or looking for a clue.

Have fun!

Above all else, have fun. We understand you want to beat the room and if you follow these tips you probably will but escape rooms are made to be enjoyed and to be a great bonding experience for you and your team. If you have fun you’ll hopefully return time and time again to complete more rooms.

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